Daily Ritual 1- To Do List Today.

To-do-lists are an excellent way to keep yourself focus razor sharp because your to-do-list take the guesswork out & helps you determine how you should be spending your time with a higher productivity, efficiency & peace of mind.

Depending on how you want to prioritize your tasks, whether it’s in order of importance or priority, having everything written out can serve as a guide that can get you back on track and keep you focused. When you come into work, look at the list, and check each task off in your to-do-list as you complete it throughout the day. When you see yourself moving away from list, just look back at your list and move on to the next objective.

How Does it Help in cracking sales?

Try it this way: Jot down your sales call planning, example:

  1. Client 1 – 10 AM – Objective- To Discuss benefits of X product.
  2. Client 2 – 12 PM- Objective- To close the deal today.

By the time you end your last call you will be having more time to think how has been your day with to do list today. See it this way

  • Your travelling time will be reduced.
  • You had a great clarity while communicating.
  • You were able to drive the call with objectives.
  • Now you are going to Crack More Sales This way…

Enjoy daily rituals on CRACK SALES


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