Sales is an integral part of every industry across globe, without sales no organisation/companies will be able to survive, its like no oxygen no life.

Sales as we all know by the definition as Google says it, A sale is a transaction between two or more parties, typically a buyer and a seller, in which goods or services are exchanged for money or other assets…. Blah blah…

However, I feel it’s much more than that as the industries are evolving at a faster pace the definition is changing too. Now its not only a mere transaction it’s about building a relationship – a real relationship which has a VALUE, confidence, emotions, energy, quality, support and yes longevity.

We all are salespersons! You, me, your boss, your friends, parents, your girlfriend… the list continues. Believe me, Just check your last conversation with anyone you must be selling something a thought, an idea , a story, a product or an excuse..hahaha.

Every sale doesn’t start with a product information you are giving to your client or customer. Sales start with a first eye contact or glimpse of a product, service, an ad on your phone, your email, your most used applications, a poster, a brochure & most importantly an eye contact with a person who is selling. Everyone around you want to sell something to you & vice versa.

This Blog is all about learning the selling skills consciously. Apply these learnings in your day to day work & observe the changes in yourself.
Well guys that’s the first post of mine…please bear me.

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Small hint for next post- How daily rituals can help you grow your sales!


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